moonlink supports collaboration and innovation between Japanese and Indian businesses

We provide consulting, partnership and outsourcing services to plan, implement, and sustain collaborative projects in India.

We support the development of new business, products and services by teaming up with India-based startups, governments, universities, and research institutes.

We collaborate with local partners and experts to solve challenges faced by Japanese companies and government agencies.


In an era of rapid and unpredictable change, we aim to contribute to the creation of a secure and hopeful future by providing support to companies and individuals that have a significant impact on society. We are passionate about providing not only knowledge, but also new perspectives and opportunities for co-creation to help solve common business and social issues. Supporting collaboration and innovation between Japanese and Indian businesses.

Our Services

We deliver customized services based on a deep understanding of each client’s needs, situation, and issues. In order to provide the best service for each project, we assemble a team of internal and external experts specific to the project to provide a one-stop solution, from research, to strategy, to implementation.

Consulting and outsourcing
  • Research – Industry eco-system / Consumer profiles
  • Delegation / Training tour
  • Localized branding
  • Communications / PR
  • Coordination of interviews / Translation
Support for new and expanding business with India

Support for partnerships with India: Search and selection of business partners, and support for the progress of collaborative projects

  • Collaboration with companies
  • Matching with Indian startups
  • Collaboration with governments, universities and other academic institutions, NGOs and NPOs
  • Collaboration with investors and accelerators

Support for development of new products and services: Planning and execution of processes for local product development and creation of world-class innovations for Indian market and beyond

  • Collaboration with management levels and R&D within Indian companies, and universities
  • Collaboration with local creators, design consultants, incubators, etc.
CSR、 Acceleration of CSR, SDGs, Social Innovation

Support for CSR activities in India: Planning and implementation in accordance with local needs, mechanisms, and laws

  • Collaboration and outsourcing of services from strategy development, research to implementation
  • Management of activities in collaboration with local NPOs and reporting

Support SDGs and social innovation related initiatives: Contribute to solving social issues through business and investment activities

Propose and support the implementation of activities in India based on business strategies

  • Collaboration with impact investment and social innovation funds
  • Collaboration with associations and NPOs
  • Partnerships with social innovation companies
Promoting person to person interaction
  • Local human resources research and manage relevant
  • Interaction with the Indian communities in Japan and manage relevant events
Planning and implementation of India-related lectures and workshops
  • Various formats ranging from basic information on India to specialized content, from casual study sessions to speeches and workshops by experts
  • Inviting speakers from India
  • Planning and implementation of large-scale events in both countries, including unique conferences with speakers from Japan and India